Reduce noise and vibration in the interests of the comfort of residents, placing themselves in a logic of transparency and communication... aer offers many innovative services à la carte, from the provision of autonomous monitoring stations to the data analysis and the supply of real-time results.

Associated with 01dB-acoem aer offer the latest technology for long periods noise measurements. Economical, reliable and flexible, the management of the noise pollutions becomes a child's play !

The solution for monitoring

  • Demonstrate your continuing effort to reduce the noise of your industrial site
  • Communicate with the local residents on the sound and vibratory impact of your construction site
  • Control the sound impact of your wind farm according to the weather conditions
  • Observe your city to develop action plans for noise reduction
  • Commit in an environmental quality approach
  • Manage your musical establishment for better integration

The intelligence in your projects

  • Effectively manage noise complaints
  • Organize the actions suited to limit the noise at nearby settlements
  • Better understand the effects of noise associated with annual and weather events
  • Communicate on actions carried out to reduce the noise pollution

Always connected

  • Remote management of monitoring stations
  • Remote recovery of data using wifi or 3G communication
  • Sendings of alerts by SMS or by e-mail when a sound event occurs
  • Visualistation results on a website updated according to demand (private or public website with login and password)


Gestion du bruit de chantier
Surveillance du vieillissement de revêtement routier
Surveillance du bruit de parcs éoliens
Maîtrise de l'impact du bruit des industries